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Siphon SIP

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06 ianuarie 2011

ICQ Pro 2003b build 3916

20 septembrie 2007

ICQ Pro 2003b is the latest release of ICQ, the instant-messaging program that lets you communicate with friends and colleagues in real time. To se...

ICUII 8.0.2

20 septembrie 2007

ICUII is a simple easy to use Videochat program. ICUII was the first in the industry, over 10 years ago to have big beautiful 320x240 pixel fast vi...

Windows Live Messenger 8.1

20 septembrie 2007

Windows Live Messenger 8.1 includes support for the im Initiative! Every time you start a conversation using im, Microsoft shares a portion of the ...


20 septembrie 2007

Trillian is a fully featured, stand-alone, skinnable chat client that supports AIM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo Messenger, and IRC. It provides capabilities no...

ZoneAlarm Security Suite 7.0.414.000 Beta

19 septembrie 2007

All-in-one PC protection with Firewall and Antivirus protection and moreZoneAlarm Security Suite is an easy-to-use, comprehensive solution that pro...

Paltalk Messenger 9.1

13 septembrie 2007

Program de instant messaging ce permite accesul si la conturi de AIM, Yahoo si ICQ.

Pidgin 2.0

13 septembrie 2007

Client de instant messaging ce suporta mai multe protocoale.

Avast Professional Edition 4.7.1001

12 iunie 2007

avast! 4 Professional Edition is a complete ICSA certified antivirus software for corporate and advanced home use. Avast Professional Edition inclu...

PortableApps Suite (Standard Edition) 1.0

04 iunie 2007

PortableApps Suite is a collection of portable apps, including the integrated PortableApps Menu and the PortableApps Backup utility along with a se...

Mercora IM Radio 5.1

30 mai 2007

Search and listen to your favorite music. With over 3.5 million unique tracks, Mercora is a digital radio network powered by artists, people, and D...


25 mai 2007

Trillian is a fully featured, stand-alone, skinnable chat client that supports AIM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo Messenger, and IRC. It provides capabilities no...

Avast Home Edition 4.7.1001

24 mai 2007

avast! 4 Home Edition is a complete ICSA certified and Secure Computing Magazine awarded antivirus software for home noncommercial use. Avast inclu...

Gizmo Project 2.0

23 mai 2007

Gizmo Project is an internet telephone, that is as simple as instant messaging Make all of your calls from the comfort of your desktop, with Gizmo ...

LanToucher Network Chat 1.0

30 noiembrie 1999

LanToucher Network Chat is small and easy-to-use chat software for your small office or home LAN (Local Area Network).True serverless (P2P) messaging; Proven cross-platform compatibility with Microsof

ICQ 5.04

30 noiembrie 1999

ICQ Lite has all the essential features of the full version of ICQ. You can message people, exchange files, send SMS messages, do voice chat, and meet people. It also includes multilingual support, th

SightMax 2.0

30 noiembrie 1999

SightMax is a live chat software program providing live website monitoring, live help and live support to visitors for sales and customer service. SightMax has a host of exciting built-in features, th

VisNetic MailServer 8.3

30 noiembrie 1999

VisNetic Mail Server is a high performance mail server with an extensive, highly configurable feature set. This secure email server, also ideal for use as a gateway mail server, features built-in anti

PCSentinel's Busted: Keylogger and Instant Message Monitor 1.2.2

30 noiembrie 1999

PCSentinels Busted secretly records instant messages, web sites visited, applications used, keystrokes, and even takes periodic screen shots! Alerts notify you when certain keywords are recorded. Pa

Joe Galaxy.NET 2005v9

30 noiembrie 1999

Joe Galaxy.NET-Freedom Technologies Network. Designed for the regular "Joe", unhooking from the maintream Matrix.Freedom Technology Solutions - debt elimination, tax elimination, mortgage solutions, w

Wavago 0912

30 noiembrie 1999

Wavago (Wavigo), unique technology delivering integrated Communications, Information and Entertainment. Wavago's current release includes: voice calling (multi-line and conferencing), any instant mess

MDaemon 8.1.3

30 noiembrie 1999

MDaemon , Windows-based email server software, contains full mail server functionality and control with a strong emphasis on security to protect your email communication needs. Features include top-n

SnapMail 4.3

30 noiembrie 1999

SnapMail is the cross-platform private messaging and file transfer utility for your office. Instantly send messages, files, reminders, and alerts on your local network. SnapMail uses peer-to-peer tech

SMTP Server Pro 1.55

30 noiembrie 1999

SMTP Server Pro is a powerful easy-to-use SMTP POP3 mail server program designed for satisfying the requirements of huge organization in high-volume messaging. It is simple, light-weight and reliable;

Busted: Instant Message Monitor, Keylogger and More 1.2.2

30 noiembrie 1999

Silently records and monitors instant messages, web sites visited, applications used, keystrokes, and takes periodic screen shots! Limit instant message use, prohibit certain screen names from instant

SEES 1.4.0

30 noiembrie 1999

SEES is a concurrent file collaboration and version system provides file sharing, editing by multiple users in a network. SEES provides safe file collaboration, automated version management and backup

NotJustBrowsing 1.0.6

30 noiembrie 1999

1. Drag & Drop for visited links collection 2. Linear Browsing with web page access time 3. Auto Browsing (See Through) 4. Encrypted Picture Messaging 5. Colour coded browsing signals 6. Multiple Bro

IM2001 1

30 noiembrie 1999

IM2001 is a freeware instant messaging software for Windows that works in your LAN on Internet.This software is under developing from a community of developers so it's totally freeware (at least the b

W3Notify 1.01

30 noiembrie 1999

The program periodically queries custom webscript for new notifications/messages while you are connected to internet. The messages are displayed in HTML format and m

IMbrella 3.1.21

30 noiembrie 1999

IM can help your business be more productive, but only if its used effectively. Restricting employees to messaging only with co-workers, customers and vendors means enhanced productivity, faster custo

Network Assistant 4.1

30 noiembrie 1999

Real-time network communication utility for the office environment, including channels-based chat, shared whiteboard, message board and instant messaging. It is intended to be used in small office or

Mirador Instant Messenger

30 noiembrie 1999

Mirador Instant Messenger is a secure, reliable presence based messaging and collaboration solution built for the enterprise. It offers advanced functionality, security and stability that businesses r

IMCaster E-Marketer

30 noiembrie 1999

IMCaster E-Marketer is a powerful ICQ instant messaging marketing software. It allows you to search for online ICQ users by many different criteria such as sex, age, country, occupation or organizatio

ChatChecker 3.1.15

30 noiembrie 1999

If your kids (or spouse!) are spending too much time chatting via instant message, or you suspect theyre engaged in dangerous conversations, ChatChecker is the simplest way to find out and stop it.Ch

MERCUR Messaging Lite Edition 2005

30 noiembrie 1999

MERCUR Messaging 2005 is a versatile communication platform for MS Windows. Well known standard protocols, like SMTP, POP3, IMAP4 or HTTP provide the basis for a world wide communication. The Lite Edi

Utility Phone 1.5

30 noiembrie 1999

FREE Worldwide PC-to-PC communications using: voice, video, online/offline text messaging, text chat and file transfer, all secured using AES 256 bit encryption. Other features include activity notifi

MSN Winks Installer 1.2.2

30 noiembrie 1999

MSN Winks Installer is a program that allows you to preview, and install additional Winks for MSN Messenger. It has hundreds of MSN Messenger winks. you can select a favourite wink to install into y

Extensible Messaging Platform Anti-Spam Filter 5.5

30 noiembrie 1999

Server based Anti-Spam Filter protects organizational mail servers (Exchange Server, Novell GroupWise, Lotus Domino, Sendmail, etc) from spam, email-borne viruses (

LanToucher Instant Messenger 1.3

30 noiembrie 1999

LanToucher Instant Messenger is instant messaging software for your office or home LAN (Local Area Network) True serverless (peer-to-peer) messaging; Proven cross-platform compatibility with Microsof

InstantCharts Messenger for Traders 2.1

30 noiembrie 1999

InstantCharts IM Messenger is a secure instant messaging and a market data display application for professional traders. It allows easy access to and manipulation of market data through a combination

Privacy Chat 3.0

30 noiembrie 1999

Superior Chat Software with direct instant messaging with whomever you choose. You control who uses your chat room. No website to go to, all connections are done through our Software. Several excep


Download Yahoo Messenger 10

Yahoo Messenger permite utilizatorilor să ţină pasul cu prietenii, la curent cu ceea ce sunt de p...

Download Yahoo! Multi Messenger 11

Multi Messenger este o aplicaţie care permite utilizatorilor să ruleze mai multe instanţe de Yaho...

Download Zuma DeLuxe

Zuma este un joc puzzle rapid dezvoltat de PopCap Games. Acesta poate fi jucat gratuit online pe mai...

Download Flash Player for Android

Play Flash content on your Android device....

Download Bitlord 1.1

BitLord is written in .Net, and its like professional liko no other aplication. Very clean, very ...

Download Saga C

SAGA C. este o solutie care permite informatizarea activitatii contabile pentru firme mici si mijloc...

Download XAMPP 1.7.3

Multi oameni stiu din prorpia experienta ca nu este usor sa instalezi un server web Apache si devine...

Download Viber

Viber se foloseste de conexiunea la internet pentru comunicare, iar daca esti conectat la o retea Wi...

Download Nimbuzz

Nimbuzz ofera apeluri gratuite si mesaje text pentru utilizatorii Nimbuzz. Puteţi de asemenea, ape...

Download FaceTime

Este remarcabil. Este distractiv. Şi nu e doar pentru iPhone şi iPod mai. Acum puteţi efectua ap...

Download Tango

Tango este un serviciu de apeluri de divertisment video, care conectează oameni din întreaga lume ...

Download Linphone

Linphone este o aplicaţie VoIP disponibil pe PC-urile care rulează Linux sau Windows sau Android ...

Download Siphon SIP

Aplicaţia suportă standardul SIP, păstrând compatibilitatea cu sute de furnizorii de SIP şi ofe...

Download Talkonaut

Talkonaut este disponibil pentru mai multe platforme mobile diferite: Symbian S60, Windows Mobile 5/...

Download Fring

Fring este un VoIP (Voice over Internet), app care vă permite să faceţi apeluri video, apelurile ...


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Vanzari-record la Apple. "Au fost fenomenale, devansand precedentele recorduri"

Grupul informatic american Apple Inc a anunțat, luni, ca in primul week-end dupa lansarea noilor ve...

FACEBOOK a cazut luni seara

FACEBOOK a cazut. Dupa probleme de saptamana trecuta, Facebook recidiveaza. Celebra rețea de social...

Ce cauta romanii pe internet

Noua din zece utilizatori de internet fix din Romania folosesc internetul de acasa pentru a cauta in...

Cum poti deveni programator in mai putin de 6 luni si sa ajungi sa castigi aproape 1.000 de euro/luna

Poti sa inveti bazele programarii singur, in mai putin de o luna, indiferent de studiile pe care le ...